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November 3, 1973: As dawn approaches, Dracula flies to a Paris cemetery where one of his coffins is hidden. Unfortunately for him, the vampire hunters have found and destroyed his four secreted coffins in France, and Blade awaits him at this location. The slayer tries to kill Dracula, but the Vampire Lord quickly disarms and overwhelms him. Blade is bitten by Dracula, who then desperately races to a farmhouse in Versailles, where one coffin remains hidden.

Two nights later, Dracula is on a train speeding to Transylvania. Also aboard are Frank Drake and Rachel Van Helsing, the vampire hunters searching for Dracula, as well as Ludwig Gruber, a man on the run for his life, and his bodyguard, Jaques Granet. Granet overhears Frank and Rachel discussing their pursuit, and mistakes them for the assassins who are after Gruber.

As Dracula walks the corridors, he briefly crosses paths with Jack Russell (the Werewolf), and is seen by Gruber, who is sure this red-eyed stranger is the one stalking him, not the couple Granet describes.

Meanwhile, at Doctor Sun's pagoda on the Irish coast, the scientist oversees the survival test of the vampire Brand, who proves himself worthy.

Back on the train, Dracula has attacked a female passenger, but only enough to slake his thirst. As Frank and Rachel investigate, Gruber enters Dracula's stateroom to confront the supposed assassin. His gunshots prove ineffective against the vampire, and Dracula disposes of the bodyguard by hurling him through the window. Having heard the commotion, Frank and Rachel face Dracula, who evades their attack. He then meets Gruber, who is carrying a case of documents he believes will insure his safety. His words confuse Dracula, but the vampire closes in on the man. Gruber realizes he faces a vampire, and mistaking Dracula for an agent of his former employers, he hurls himself from the train to his death. Rachel takes a last shot at the vampire lord who transforms first to mist then to a bat , so as to fly the rest of the way to Transylvania.

At the spot where Gruber's body lies, an agent of Doctor Sun retreives the case of documents.


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