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    Keewazi God of storytelling. A giant robotic totem created by a greedy oil company.

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    Tomazooma, the death that walks, was a tribal legend amongst Wyatt Wingfoot's tribe, the Keewazi tribe. Tomazooma was a giant robot created by the Red Star Oil Company. The robot was created to scare Silent Fox and the rest of the Keewazi tribe off their land, so that the Red Star Oil Company could take advantage of the oil-rich land. Tomazooma originated from a desert region out in the West of America.


    Tomazooma was created by Stan "The Man" Lee and Jack "King" Kirby. Tomazooma first appeared in Fantastic Four vol.1 issue #80.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Fantastic Four

    Tomazooma on his first appearance threatened Wyatt Wingfoot's tribe, the Keewazi tribe. He would have succeeded in his evil plan if the Fantastic Four had not come along to save the day.  Tomazooma was defeated by the combined forces of the Fantastic Four, Wyatt Wingfoot and the Keewazi tribe led by Wyatt's grandfather Silent Fox. Tomazooma was destroyed when Reed Richards curled into a ball and Wyatt Wingfoot fired Reed from a bazooka. Reed blows straight on through Tomazooma's chest destroying the robot. 

    Nova and Wolverine

    He was later resurrected by the Reanimator, this time Wolverine and Nova defeated Tomazooma by blowing right through his chest.

    Powers & Abilities

    Tomazooma was incredibly tall. Tomazooma was capable of producing vaporizing rays from both his mouth and eyes which were strong enough to knock out the Human Torch. Tomazooma also possessed imense strength capable of effortlessly lifting and throwing a tank into the air. He was also capable of knocking the Thing to the ground. Tomazooma was very durable, able to take punches to the head from the Thing and go unfazed, he was also invulnerable to any and all attacks made by the Human Torch and all bullets fired by the Keewazi tribe.

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