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Tomas and his "brother" Lars, started The Blood Brothers as the great great grandson of the CIA. They use the team to take down evil wherever it hides.


Tomas was created by Joe Kelly for his series Justice League Elite

Major Story Arcs

Justice League Elite

Tomas and his "brother" Lars, believe to have employed Deathstroke, who is truly Sister Superior, and Kasumi, who is Cassandra Cain, under deep cover, to help them take down Sundeath, the man responsible for the deaths of over 900 people. The Blood Brothers also employ the help of Wolfwood to go into Changsha and get Sundeath.

While on the mission, Tomas finds a mass grave and increases his power by feeding off the sorrow around him, he then unleashes the power on the people of Changsha and president Bhat's soldiers. He is stopped by Manitou Raven. Then when the Justice League Elite arrives Lars and the rest of his team are taken into custody.


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