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Born on the planet Xudar in the 31st century, he was named in honor of the former green lanterns of his planet Tomar Re and Tomar Tu. As he grew older however his disposition was very different than the heroes who came before him. He was rash, greedy and self serving. He grew into a very large Xudarian despite them being a very small race. Within time he became a notorious criminal.

Creating the Corp

He was not just a brainless criminal however, he remembered the stories of his youth and after securing a ship he located the site where the planet Oa once stood. He then constructed a siphon that could tap into that energy and rings that acted as transmitters for the siphon. He then manged to gather fellow criminals like himself and granting each one a ring in exchange for loyalty to him The new Green Lantern Corps was born.

Rise and fall

When they debuted they pretended to be heroes but grew restless and returned to a life of crime quickly. They became enemies of the Legion of superheroes and manged to always elude capture.

When Kyle rayner was transported to the future they captured him and stole his ring but it didn't work for them and disappeared. He took some of the legion captive but in the end he was de-powered and captured and sent off to jail.

After Infinite crisis where the legions future was destroyed it is unknown if he still exists.


His ring allows him to create pirahana which through there energy construction can eat through virtually anything and are more durable than their real life counterparts. The ring also grants him flight and the ability to breath in space unaided.


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