Tomar Dar

    Character » Tomar Dar appears in 4 issues.

    Would be successor to Tomar Re. Went with Kyle Rayner to save the crew of a transport from a colony of Xenomorphs (Aliens).

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    Tomar Dar was, in his own words, the next Xudarian in line after Tomar Re to get the Green Lantern mantle, but Hal Jordan destroyed the Corps.


    Tomar Dar was created for Ron Marz, Rick Leonardi, and Mike Perkins' four part mini series, Green Lantern vs. Aliens. He was one of two former suppose to be Green Lanterns created for the crossover. He is also one of the three survivors, along with Kyle Rayner. Tomar Dar was also never seen again.

    Major Story Arcs

    Tomar Dar is one of the ex-Green Lanterns who joins Kyle Rayner on his mission to Mogo to rescue the crew of the Culuian Transport that crashed there and were in danger of being killed by the Xenomorphs that Hal Jordan had place there years earlier. During the mission Tomar Dar is taken by the Xenomorphs and is later seen trapped in the Alien Queen's chamber. Tomar Dar is one of the few that survived the mission.


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