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    The famous cartoon cat who hungers for Jerry the Mouse and his friends. He is the character known for trying numerous times to feed upon Jerry only for his plans to be foiled and he humiliated.

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    One important difference between "comic book" Tom and "cartoon" Tom is that comic book Tom (and other characters) talk.

    Powers and Abilities

    • Immense Endurance - Perhaps his most powerful ability is his ability to endure incredible amounts of damage and still survive. Although his endurance varies from each episodes, he has shown to be able to survive a train hit, bullets, explosions, being pecked from the inside, being cut in half, cuts from various sharp objects, fire and electrocution. Despite his endurance, he does have his limit which is highlighted in some episodes where he is permanently damaged, put in bandages or killed.
    • High speed - He is a very quick cat that is capable of keeping up with Jerry.
    • High Regeneration - He can regenerate roughly well and fast but again, it varies from episode to episode.
    • High Agility - Like normal cats, he is very agile and he can leap very high.

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