Tom Wayne

    Character » Tom Wayne appears in 17 issues.

    Tom Wayne is the Robin of the 31st century.

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    Robin 3000

    In the 31st century, Thomas "Tom" Wayne is a future descendant of Bruce Wayne, the original Batman. The Wayne family are great scientists and benefactors in this time. But an alien race known as the Skulp secretly engineer a clone plague to affect earth that they then offer the cure for. Soon they have taken over earth and rule humanity. Bruce Wayne XX takes over the role of Batman to fight against the Skulp, and his nephew Tom Wayne assumes the role of Robin. After Bruce is killed and martyred by the Skulp, Tom goes on the run and becomes a leader of a much larger rebellion against Skulp.


    In Superman/Batman #80 Tom shows up in a possible future where he is shown working beside the 31st Century Superman (Kent Shakespeare), Batman (Brane Taylor), and Superwoman (Laurel Kent) as they fought Epoch, the Lord of Time


    Tom Wayne is an inventive genius, a superb acrobat and an excellent fighter. He had a cybernetic hand attached after his hand was amputated. This cybernetic hand can fire lasers, send communication signals, and interact with and control computers.


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