Tom Strong

    Character » Tom Strong appears in 142 issues.

    A near perfect mental and physical specimen, Tom Strong uses his astounding prowess as a "Science Hero" to battle evil in classic two-fisted pulp style.

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    America's Best Comics


    In 1899 Tomas's parents, Sinclair and Susan Strong, were shipwrecked on the island of Attabar Teru. Shorty after arriving on the island, their son Tomas was born. Named after the African-American captain of the ship who had brought them there, Tom was treated as if he were a science experiment and was put into a high gravity nursery to be raised by his robotic caretaker Pneuman. He was put on a strict vegetarian diet that had large amounts of Goloka root., a mythical root that the Ozu, natives of the island, believed improved longevity.

    When the volcano that Tomas and his family had built their home upon erupted, Tom was the only one left alive. Only eight years old, Tom moved in with the Ozu the natives of the island that helped deliver him unto this world during the difficult delivery Susan had dealt with. Growing up on the island to the age of twenty one, he developed various contraptions to aid in the lives of the natives of the island, accomplishing this due to his natural intellect. Eventually, Tom decided to leave with Pneuman to Millennium City where he made his public debut. When he returned, he married an Ozu woman, Dhalua Strong. They later had a daughter whom they named Tesla Strong. The entire family now carries on the crime fighting dynasty Tom has established.

    DC Comics

    In the pages of The Terrifics, Tom Strong left a message in the Dark Multiverse.


    Tom Strong and his supporting characters where created by writer Alan Moore and artist Chris Sprouse. He initially appeared in 1999 in the Tom Strong ongoing series, published bi-monthly by America's Best Comics, an imprint of DC Comics' Wildstorm division.

    Powers and Abilities

    Tom's strength and reflexes are well above human norms, thanks to his unusual upbringing. He also ages very slowly. He is currently over 100 years old, yet looks to be in his early forties at the most. However, his greatest ability remains his incredible intellect, which allows him to both invent astounding gadgets to combat the foes he faces and to think himself out of any situation he finds himself in.


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