Tom Skylark

    Character » Tom Skylark appears in 42 issues.

    Inhabitant of Earth-15104 (Earth-616 150 years in the future). He possesses the Rover, one of the last Sentinels.

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    Tom Skylark was abandoned as a child. At some point he encountered an abandoned Sentinel. Tom possesses mutant abilities which enable him to communicate with machines. Tom reprogrammed the Sentinel and named him Rover. As a child Rover would find food for Tom, and provide protection.

    As Tom grew older Rover remained his loyal companion, protecting Tom from Sublime's Crawler. When the Phoenix Force egg was discovered on the Moon, Tom and his mutant friends sought to protect the Egg from Sublime. The egg was strapped to Rover's back and Tom and Rover were able to escape death at the hands of Fantomex the Destroyer, Beast's herald.

    Tom and Rover came upon E.V.A after killing a pack of Crawlers. E.V.A. brought them back to the X-Men's compound, not knowing that one of the Crawlers had hidden inside Rover's chest cavity. Back at the X-Men's headquarters the Crawler teleported out and began spawning duplicates of itself. Before the X-Men were able to take them down a group were able to teleport the phoenix egg off of Rover's back and back to Sublime's layer.

    Later when the X-Men were saving Mer-Max from a boat full of Crawlers Tom began to confess his feelings for E.V.A. While talking to E.V.A. Tom failed to notice the pack of Crawlers that were teleporting around Rover, attacking him. Rover fell and sank into the ocean, leaving Tom distraught. Soon after Sublime arrived, and Tom called Rover telepathically to save them. Rover attacked Sublime and was presumably destroyed in the process. E.V.A. attacked sublime as well and was seriously damaged in the process. Tom came to E.V.A.'s side to comfort her as Phoenix fixed the corrupted time-line that they belonged to.

    It was hinted by Martha Johansson that Phoenix may have taken their souls to the White Hot Room.


    Tom possesses an innate ability to communicate with machines. His abilities may include the ability to communicate remotely and fix machines with some form of technopathy.


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