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Tom Palmer
is a popular comics artist. Although he has done a small amount of pencilling work, the vast majority of Mr. Palmer's artistic output since the 1960s has been as a comic book inker. 


   Although Palmer has done a small amount of  penciling  work (as well as some cover art and some coloring work), the vast majority of his artistic output since the 1960s has been as a comic book inker . Especially noteworthy is Palmer's extensive work for  Marvel Comics , including well-remembered runs paired with pencilers  Neal Adams  on  Avengers  and  Uncanny X-MenGene Colan , on titles such as  Doctor Strange Daredevil , and  Tomb of Dracula ; and  John Buscema , on the The Avengers . He also inked the entire run of  John Byrne 's  X-Men: The Hidden Years .  
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Palmer's brushy, detailed, and illustrative inking style hearkens back to vintage newspaper comic strips like  Steve Canyon and  Tarzan;, and has influenced later generations of inkers like  Klaus JansonJosef Rubinstein, and  Bob McLeod.

Over the course of his career, Palmer has won several awards, including the 1969 Alley Award for Best Inking Artist. Palmer was also named the #3 Inker of American Comics by Atlas Comics .

Palmer's son  Tom Palmer, Jr. is a comic book professional who was an editor for  DC Comics.


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