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Tom sold many guns to a group of killers. They fired to Wolverine and his seventeen years old neightbor named Lucy. So, Wolverine is looking to him for information.

Major Story Arcs


For more information see: Brotherhood

While at the Klamath Gun Show, Tom is approached by a short hairy man, looking to buy some guns and ammo. The buy is too big and slighty illegal to talk about at the show so Tom sets up a meeting a the Suds Bar for later that night. There Tom and his girlfriend Cassie Lathrop meet with the hairy man, who is intresting buy 10 AR-15s. Tom sets up another meeting at his shop in Medford for next Tuesday. Before the hairy man leaves he asks about MAC 10s and Tom informs him he was bought out a month ago.

Later that night, Tom tries to sleep with Cassie but she turns him down, like always. Tom goes to his room rejected, and there he hairy man ambushes him. He demands the name of the man who bought the MAC 10s, and Tom gives him the name, Dennis Terril in Westfall. The hair man leaves, but not before slicing Tom's gun into two.

Sometime later, Tom's shop is raided by the ATF, and Tom learns that Cassie is an undercover agent. Tom is taken into custody, there he is visited by Cassie, who is interested in finding the hairy man, and beats the information out of Tom, off camera.

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