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It is unknown when exactly he came into being but he was the ruler of a large city during ancient times. Somehow he was overthrown and his eye made into a mythical amulet and his city sunk deep within the sea.
Despite all appearances of death however he continued to conspire and put things in place to regain mobility and resume his destruction and enslavement of man's world.


The amulet was a part of the demon himself and thus carried on his evil. The peices ahd been carried all over the globe but a myth surrounded the peices that if they were all assembled then a treasure  beyond human understanding would appear. Thus the pieces started converging from all corners of the world.

Little Shadow

this was a part of Tolometh which found a home on the hand of the demon-man known as patriarch who became the high preist of Tolometh.

The end

In the time of Conan the barbarian the Simerian came into contact with shards of his amulet and him along with a band of would be treasure seekers made there way to Patriarch's castle. Many of them died but they managed to shatter a completed amulet, kill his priest and the little shadow. Tolometh then collapsed below the seas as quickly as he was revived. The city crumbed around his shattered amulet ensuring eh would never be reborn or revived. His reign had ended.

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