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    Formerly a Gorilla Knight under the orders of Gorilla Grodd, Tolifhar wound up becoming a valuable ally to Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman.

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    Tolifhar was a gorilla formerly under the orders of Gorilla Grodd, and was the leader of his Gorilla Knights - a group of genetically-modified white-furred gorillas made to fight superhumans. Wonder Woman was able to befriend Tolifhar and get him to change sides. He and some of his gorilla brethren were guests in her home for some time.

    (Tolifhar can be identified from amongst his white gorilla brethren as the one with a scarred left eye.)


    Tolifhar was created by Gail Simone and first appeared in 2008's Wonder Woman #14.

    Alternate Earths


    In Young Justice, Tolifhar made a brief appearance. He was originally an inhabitant of the African country of Bwunda, until a group of scientists arrived to conduct experiments on the indigenous gorillas. Tolifhar was one of the first to be captured, and his brain was replaced with that of one of the scientists, creating the Ultra-Humanite and effectively killing Tolifhar.

    Nzame was Tolifhar's son in this continuity.


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