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Tokiko Magami is Toru Shiro’s sister. She was born in a family of kagenie. She was very close of her sister until the day Toru decided to leave Tokyo when she was pregnant of Kamui Shiro.

Each Magami must choose someone to protect. Tokiko decided to protect the Sacred Sword intended to Kamui.

Kamui Shiro


She became a nurse at Clamp School. When Kamui comes back to Tokyo and brings Kotori Mono to the nursery, she doesn’t recognize him. It’s when Kotori wakes up and talk about Kamui that she knows her death will come soon. She lets a video to Nokoru Imonoyama explaining that Kamui has two choices about his destiny.

After the death of Kyogo Mono, Tokiko decides to have a talk with Kamui. A conversation begins between Sorata Arisugawa and Kamui. Sorata explains that the hoshimi told him that the sacred sword would be stolen by a Dragons of Earth and that the sacred sword would be appeared to Kamui with another shape. Kamui reveals he came back to Tokyo to take in his possession the sacred sword. Sorata tells him even if he understands Kamui’s distrusts; he must understand that he has the destiny of the Earth in his hands. At this moment Tokiko enters in their conversation. . She introduces herself as Tokiko Magami, the younger sister of Kamui’s mother. Kamui didn’t know he has an aunt. Tokiko responds that her sister left home before Kamui’s birth. She explains she and her sisters are kagenie. She reveals also that Toru explained her that Kamui is the son of a special person and he would be born for the Earth.

Kamui and Sorata feel the creation of a kekkai. They decide to go at the Togakushi Shrine and let Tokiko. She tells them to come back if they want to know more about Toru, Magamis and Kamui’s destiny. Men in black sent by Hinoto come and kidnap Tokiko. She has just the time to see Karen Kasumi, tells her to burn her house and launches a spell on Karen.

Death and Birth


Hinoto kidnapped Tokiko in order to prevent Tokiko from giving birth to the sacred sword. But Tokiko succeeds to escape and goes to Togakushi Shrine. Fuma Mono has another behaviour crisis. He reveals to Kamui that they have twin destinies. Then he becomes normal. Kamui doesn’t have the time to think about this because a massively injured Tokiko arrives. She explains it is too late. It is her destiny to give birth of the second sacred sword in the Togakushi Shrine. She is dismembered and the second sacred sword appears.

Kamui bursts into tears when he sees his aunt dismembered. Once again, he could not modify the destiny of a person he loves. The spirit of Tokiko is called by the sacred sword. She comforts Kamui saying she chose this destiny and he must hide the sacred sword inside the Clamp School. She says goodbye to Kamui and her spirit disappears.

Powers and Abilities



Tokiko decides to protect the sacred sword intended to Kamui.


Tokiko can launch spells as the delivery of a message.

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