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When Lilith Mother of all Demons was freed from Leviathan her mystical prison and summoned her Lilin, their presence weakened the dimentional fabrics, this led to a reality rip to occur in Phoenix, Arizona, in rundown building basement. This rip allowed a hive thinking bacteria known as the Viral Swarm to enter Earth 616. In the Viral Swarm's home world they were the dominante lifeform as they had fed and consumed all living beings are energy forms. The Viral Swarm seeing the reality rip into Earth 616 saw this as new life energy to feed on.

Superhuman Infection

The basement in Phoenix, Arizona was being used by several homeless people as a shelter. The Viral Swarm bacteria seperated and in doing so f ound amonst the various homeless people individual hosts. this particular part of the hive bacteria would enter a male and transformed himself into the being known as Tokamak.


Tokamak was created by Roy Thomas and Andre Coates in 1993 and first appeared in The Secret Defenders # 1.

Powers Granted To Host

Now that the Viral Swarm had infected the host body, it used its power from its original world to transform the homeless human into a Superhuman, the baterica would allow the host to represent swarms own consumption of all energy forms, this allowed the host Tokamak to shoot out leathal forms of energy, his favourite choices were electricity and light

He also had the ability to heal and create youth in others. This among the Swarm's own ability to drain human lifeforce, have a joint mind giving them a supreme hive intellect made them a deadly team.


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