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    Togusa is one of the main male characters in the Ghost in the Shell series. He is also one of the few agents of Section 9 not having undergone full cyberization, only having a partial cyberbrain.

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    Togusa was created by renowned manga scribe, Masamune Shirow, the creator of the Ghost in the Shell manga series.


    Togusa is arguably the second most prominently featured male character in the Ghost in the Shell manga and anime series after Batou. In the original manga by Shirow, Togusa was cybernetic like the other members of Section 9. In the anime series and film adaptions however, he is the only member of Section 9 who has not undergone cybernetic replacement of his natural body in some manner (although he does still posess some cybernetic implants in his brain), and is sometimes referred to as a "natural".


    Togusa is in his late twenties, and approximately 5 feet 10 inches in height. He is married and has a young daughter (in the Stand Alone Complex anime series he also has a son). In the manga series he tends to be rather emotional and has a low self-esteen. He is a much more accomplished individual in the other adaptions, but still retains some of these character traits. He also tends to be the most emotional and temperamental of the group in Section 9 when reacting to threats or failure.

    Out of the members of his squad he seems to be the closest with Batou, and the two hang out as friends from time to time when not on duty. Togusa also has a peculiar and somewhat archaic fashion sense marked by a thick mullet of hair. He is also oddly fond of his outmoded Mateba Autorevolver, opting to use it instead of the standard-issue Seburo M5, even while in the field on assignment.


    His reputation as a family man, and an uncorrupted and highly intelligent police detective were the reasons Togusa was recruited into Section 9 according to Motoko Kusanagi. Her reasoning for his inclusion was that he would add an element of variety and unpredictability to the group. Togusa is also the only member of Section 9 to not have a military background, which is also why he occasionally feels insecure about his abilities compared to the other operatives of the group.


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