Todd Nauck

    Person » Todd Nauck is credited in 775 issues.

    Todd's been drawing comics since the early 90s and has published work with all the major companies including Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Image. Many associate him with Spider-Man but you never see them in the same place together.

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    Todd has drawn Invincible Universe, Spider-Man, and will be doing the pencil & inking duties on the new Nightcrawler comic.

    He regularly appears in Comic Vine Mystery Art Challenges and Awesome Art Picks. Has a 2014 goal to be the most-used artist for the Mystery Art Challenge.

    He gets a lot of encouragement to do his own inking in addition to penciling books.

    Todd starts with a 1" x 2" layout to determine perspective and composition before drawing 11" x 17". He puts his rough thumbnails into Photoshop, blows them up into blue lines then pencils, before following with inks. Using this method, he can create one full page of art each day.

    Lives on the West Coast.

    Frequently shares table space at conventions with his (former Extreme Studios collaborator) Norm.

    Averages 20-40 commissions per day at conventions (depending on head-shot, half-body, or other type). Most requested character is Spider-Man thanks to his Spider-Man/Obama book. Robin, Impulse, and Superboy are his most-requested Young Justice characters.

    Major influences include:

    Arthur Adams

    Rick Leonardi

    Alan Davis

    Walter Simonson

    ...and Jack Kirby

    Got his job doing Invincible Universe because he met Robert Kirkman when he was first getting Walking Dead & Invincible off the ground. Robert was a fan of Todd's work and was invited to do the book after he did reliable work in Invincible 25 and some pin-ups. Robert reached out to him first on Twitter asking for his email.

    He's a big fan of Invincible and classic X-Men. He is working on Nightcrawler with Chris Claremont. At the Phoenix Comic Con, Chris came to his table to connect face-to-face. Afterward, he was with Chris and Len Wein comparing comics war stories.


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