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    Character » T.O. Morrow appears in 193 issues.

    He is the inventor of the Red Tornado and a frequent foe to the Justice League. In the New 52 Version he works for S.T.A.R. Labs.

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    In his earliest days, he was a college professor and mentor to Will Magnus, the inventor of the Metal Men.

    His first notable invention was a special television set which allowed him to see into the future. He used this device to study future technology and reverse engineer it in the modern day. Unfortunately, he often used this technology to commit crimes, earning him the ire of Earth's heroes.

    However, Morrow's most memorable feat would be the invention of the Red Tornado, an advanced android who could generate hurricane force winds. The scientist programmed his robot to apply for membership in the Justice League and sabotage a number of their missions. However, the Red Tornado came to view Earth’s heroes as his friends, and soon rebelled against his creator. With his help, the League was able to capture Morrow and send him to prison.

    Unfortunately, prison would not hold the ingenious inventor for long. He soon escaped and collaborated with the evil Professor Ivo to create the Tomorrow Woman, an android with telepathic powers. The scientist used her to infiltrate the Justice League in much the same way as he had with the Red Tornado. However, like her predecessor, the Tomorrow Woman began to care for her teammates in the Justice league. She eventually managed to fight her programming and help the heroes capture her creators.

    Later, in what would become his most ambitious scheme, Morrow invented a time machine, and used it to travel back to the 1940’s. His plan was to sell futuristic technology before it would have naturally been invented, thus greatly advancing human civilization, and making him a rich man. However, this greatly altered the timestream and had disastrous effects on human history. For this reason, the Justice League traveled back in time, and with the Justice Society’s help, was able to capture him before his plan came to fruition.

    Most recently, Morrow was seen along with a number of famous scientists on Oolong Island. These great thinkers had been kidnapped by Intergang and forced to develop advanced weaponry. However, after Black Adam attacked the facility, he escaped.

    Vital Statistics

    • AGE: 31
    • HEIGHT: 5' 11''
    • WEIGHT: 187 lbs.
    • EYES: Blue
    • HAIR: Black

    In Other Media

    T.O. Morrow in Young Justice
    T.O. Morrow in Young Justice

    Young Justice

    T.O. Morrow appears in the episode "Welcome to Happy Harbor" voiced by Jeff Bennett. He is shown working with Bromwell Steck in an effort to reprogram Red Tornado but is stopped by Young Justice.


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