Titus Defoe

    Character » Titus Defoe appears in 93 issues.

    A zombie hunter in an alternative 17th century London.

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    Titus Defoe is a zombie hunter in the undead plagued England. Created by Pat Mills and Leigh Gallagher, Defoe appears in the pages of UK weekly sci-fi anthology comic 2000AD.

    His work began after England was struck by a comet in 1666, leading to swarms of the undead to rise and attack civilization. He is employed by the King to keep the streets of London clear. He previously fought in the parliamentary forces during the Civil War.

    He and his team use weapons devised by the likes of Sir Issac Newton and Robert Hooke.

    Story index:

    • Defoe (book one): 1666 (2000AD progs 1540 to 1549) (ten parts)
    • Defoe (book two): Brethren of the Night (2000AD progs 1589 to 1598) (ten parts)
    • Defoe (book three): Queen of the Zombies (2000AD progs 1640 to 1649) (ten parts)
    • Defoe (book four): A Murder of Angels (2000AD progs 1700 to 1709) (ten parts)
    • Defoe (book five): The Damned (2000AD progs 1836 to 1847) (twelve parts)



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