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There's a new team of Titans and the majority are enemies of various members of past teams of Titans, led by, none other than, Deathstroke, Enemy Number One to the original new Teen Titans. This issue doesn't reveal Slade's true reasons for drafting his new crew, but it's evident that this band of villains will be up to no good under the Titans name. Actually there isn't a whole lot of indepth characterization in this special, everyone's reasons for joining their new leader are pretty obvious. I was disappointed that the strong ties to the Titans between Slade, Cheshire, and Osiris weren't further explored - there should have been a stronger description of their relationship to the past team. As for Cheshire, if her time with the Secret Six  didn't show people that she's not a team player, then Deathstroke is a fool and not worthy of his reputation. Other new members, the Tattoo Man and Cinder, I know little about, but nothing here did anything to draw any further interest. Also, there first mission, or contract, proves fatal for an ally of the Justice League who's backstory IS explained, making him the character I would think to watch, that is until the end of the sorbid introduction to this team of villains for hire. There's a multitude of artists used on this $4.99, but unfortunately all that's produced is a lack luster waste of cash that I'll never get back. The further adventure of this team continues in the regular Titans series, but I won't be there to follow them. This marks the first time in several years I'm not regularly reading a Titans related series (as I dropped Teen Titans last month). DC Comics needs to get its act together and really bring some wow to the Titansverse and hurry! ~ Hype

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