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Titans, Unite!


 This one shot special gives us an inside look at Deathstroke's new team of powerful villains,The Titans. Their first mission is to obtain and kill the newest Atom, Ryan Choi. But he won't go down without a fight .... 
This issue includes a short look as to how he sought out and recruited each specific member. The members of the team include Cheshire, expert assassin and poisons expert. Tattooed Man, the violent type who can bring his tattoo's to life. Osiris, a mystical man with the strength of Kryptonians and a new character entirely, Cinder, the vengeful fire controller


 This was a pretty good issue and I was happy to see all these different villains interact with eachother and try to become a 'team', with Deathstroke as an excellent leader. It was nice to see Cheshire kick ass and see more of Tattooed Man, who I didn't know much about before now. I loved the new character, Cinder, she seems like she's gonna be a very interesting and good character. Old faces are good, but it's still nice to appreciate new ones. 'Villains for Hire' had some good action scenes, some individual ones with each of the members and team ups that didn't go all too well, but it was part of it's charm. No one wants to see a perfect team on their first mission.  The art is well presented, with clean drawing and nice colours used, especially on characters solo pages.


 It didn't really have much of a story to it, most of the issue was just fighting and the character flashbacks could have been explained in more detail, just to make us 'feel' more for the characters as a team. I would have liked the new character, Cinder, to have a more, unique power set. She's a good character, but controlling lava/fire isn't something original.


 This was a good issue, I think it's certainly a necessary read if your into the Teen Titans and things like that as they are stepping up to become a powerful super-hero team and their is a hitn of mystery towards the end that makes me want to know more and more about them.   The surprise  'twist' at the end shocked me  ...
 and the emotion was genuine and really appealed to me. This whole issue reminded me of Madelyne Pryor when she was recruiting the Sisterhood, manipulating and promising to help them, I liked that whole story arc, so I think I'm gonna like this series since it does seem familar.
      Anyway, pick up this issue!  - it's not 'fun' it's very serious but a good comic non-the-less.

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