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Titans: Scissors, Paper, Stone is a one-shot Elseworlds comic.

Set in the future various colonies are being threatened by demonic creatures. On one such colony a young girl, Jamadagni Renuka, has learnt of the mythological "Titans" from history. She has assembled a small team of heroes to battle the creatures.

Learning of some of the mythological Titans the heroes she has assembled all four archetypes: Raven, Cyborg, Starfire and Robin.

Jama herself acts as the sorceress mage, Raven. Gabrielle Marin-Reyes acts as Cyborg although she is notably very reluctant to be a hero and weeps frequently. Hikarimono, host to an alien life form, plays the role of Starfire. Finally Alec Swanwick is implanted with a personality construct of an ancient hero to embody the group's masked fighter, Robin.

It is revealed that the personality construct within Alec is actually that of Batman and he dies in battle whilst Gabrielle is badly injured during the battle.

In all the mythological information, Jama knew "all superhero mythology had one charmingly naive concept: in the end, the good guys never ever lose!". Sadly this is proven both true and false during the final battle.

Collected in DC Elseworlds: Justice League Volume One.


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