Titans of Myth

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    The Titans of Myth are the sons and daughters of Uranus the heavens and Gaea the earth.

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    Gaea the Earth mated with Uranus the heavens and gave birth to the Titans; Iapetus and Themis, Titans of Justice; Crius and Mnemosyne, Titans of Memory; Coeus and Phoebe, Titans of the Moon; Hyperion and Thia, Titans of the Sun; Oceanus and Tethys, Titans of the Sea; and Cronus and Rhea, Titans of the Earth.

    The Titans were beautiful god-like beings, but the rest of Gaea's brood were horrible monsters that Uranus banished to the pit of Tartarus. Hoping to releaase all of her children, Gaea gave Cronus, the bravest of Titans, a potent weapon to use against his father. Cronius slew Uranus, but he did not free Gaea's brood. Instead, he and his fellow Titans created a paradise of subservience on the planet Earth.

    However, Cronus feared an oracle which foretold that his own children would rise up against him, so he swallowed each of them as they were born, except his son Zeus, whom Rhea had saved. When Zeus reached manhood, he freed both his siblings and Gaea's brood. Together, these olympian gods and their monstrous allies defeated the Titans and imprisoned them in columns of stone in Tartarus.

    Thousand of years passed with the Titans remaining prisoners in Tartarus. However in the early part of the twentieth century, Thia, goddess of the sun, escaped alone and returned to earth. Hyperion sensed his sister/wife's departure but was powerless to follow. As the souls of the dead arrived in Hades, Hyperion plucked the dying embers of sunlight from their souls and decades after Thia escaped, he too broke free of his stone prison. He rose to renew his powers in the sunlight above the Amazons home of Paradise Island, and was confronted by Wonder Girl, Raven and Starfire of the Teen Titans. Hyperion fell in love with Wonder Girl and used his newly returned powers to hypnotize her into joining him. He returned to Tartarus with her in tow as a prospective mate. There they battled the Cyclopes and after defeating them, Hyperion freed his brother and sister Titans. There they vowed to take over Mount Olympus.

    The goddess Athena appeared to Wonder Girls mother, Queen Hippolyta urging the Amazons to take arms and help in a god war on Olympus. The Amazons as well as Raven and Starfire followed the goddess' direction and witnessed the Titans battling the Olympians. At a break in the war, Athena appeared and argued with Cronus, that his vision would create peace on earth, but he would need to control humanity by eliminating free will, just as Hyperion had done with Wonder Girl. The Titans conceded and returned to Tartarus not as prisoners but as rulers. Hyperion heartbroken lifted his spell from Wonder Girl before he too departed.

    The gods reckoned without the missing Thia, who had become corrupted by power in mans world. She had amassed great wealth on the mortal plane but still wanted more. Thia found and kidnapped her long lost daughter, Lilith, and with her flew to Mount Olympus and defeated the gods single handedly, claiming Zeus throne as her own. To ensure no opposition to her rule, she abducted the Amazons and let loose the Giants from tartarus to distract her brother and sister Titans. Thia unwittingly incurred the wrath of Wonder Girl by abducting her mother and sister Amazons as well as her team mate. The Teen Titans decended into Tartarus in order to help the Titans of Myth against the Giants. They helped turn the tide but not before the battle claimed Iapetus, Crius and Tethys. The collective mortals and gods stormed Mount Olympus in an attempt to defeat Thia. She retaliated by unleashing the Titan Typhon on them. Hyperion, believing there to be no other way, attacked Thia and set the two of them alight with his sun powers, burning them both to ashes. Zeus indepted to the Titans, asked that they remain on Olympus.

    In the post Crisis universe, the god war between Titan and Olympian ended when Zeus, Poseidon and Hades destroyed Cronus and transformed his body into a gnarled tree in limbo. The other Titans of Myth were banished from the earth across the universe to a distant barren moon. The were forced to stay on this moon, now renamed New Cronus, least they loose their immortality. They cultivated worshippers from the planet below New Cronus, Synriannaq. The Titans powers grew again with the faith of their new followers and they thrived. All that was except Rhea, Cronus lonely wife. To satisfy her lust she took mates from the inhabitants. From these unions, a new race of demigods sprang up. Wars broke out and chaos erupted and the demigods battled themselves till all perished. The Titans withdrew from the affairs and without followers began to slowly age. Determined to right her wrongs, Rhea left New Cronus in an effort to find beings that could carry on the Titans way of life. She split her form into many and searched out and rescued children from many differnt planets that were about to perish. They would be saved and taken to New Cronus where they could be molded into champions. One such child was Donna Troy. Rhea returned to New Cronus and spent became one with Chaos.

    The Titans bequeathed the seeds most of their powers, and taught them how to master their new abilities and instilled in them a maturity to use them responsibly. When they reached adolesense, the seeds were stripped of their memories and sent back to their home planets to grow up. They would be summoned back to New Cronus in the future to claim their heritage and restore the elder gods.

    The seed known as Sparta, from Synriannaq, retained her memories of her time on New Cronus and they drove her mad. She cultivated more power and used her powers to conquer her planet and appoint herself Queen. In her thirst for more power she deduced that she could attain all the Titan power by killing the other seeds. As each seed was found and destroyed the gods powers wained as it was lost to them. Knowing she would perish, Phoebe left New Cronus and journeyed back to earth to locate Donna Troy, one of the most powerful of the seeds, and revive her memories. Phoebe found Donna just as Sparta's warriors appeared and opened fire on them all. Using what was left of her power, Phoebe destroyed the soldiers. her immortality gone, Phoebe aged and collapsed. With little time left to her she recounted the history to Donna and opened her memories before dying.

    Donna journeyed with her group the Titans, to New Cronus. Where she was reunited with not only the elder gods, now all aged and withered, but also her fellow seeds Athyns and Xanthi. The gods had arranged the seeds to be in trinities for the full release of their powers. All hope seemed lost when in an attack, Xanthi was killed. Donna and Athyns tricked Sparta into attacking them and manipulating her into forming the trinity of power needed to restore the Titans youth and vitality. The ply worked and the Titans were reborn, but at the price of Sparta's mind which was destroyed. The Titans, now freed from Zeus curse, teleported away to travel the universe.

    Years later, the long dormant, thought destroyed Cronus awoke thanks to a disturbance in the fabric of reality. He was consumed be revenge against his son Zeus and the rest of the Olympians. He assembled and army to attack the Gods. Amonst them were his brothers Slaughter and Titan and his children Arch, Disdain, Harrier and Oblivion. Aware that the Olympians had a super powered champion in the form of Wonder Woman, Cronus molded a girl from clay, just as Wonder Woman had been herself, and named her Devastation. She had attributes of each of his kinsmen. Cronus lay waste to Olympus, transforming teh gods into mindless wanderers on earth. As Cronus set his sights on heaven, Wonder Woman joined forces with Rama and his Hindu pantheon to help her and the Olympians stop Cronus. At the end of the battle Cronus was regressed to infancy and finally nonexistence by the earth mother Gaea. And his monstrous offspring imprisoned and taken into Hades.

    Elsewhere in the universe, the travelling Titans, had long shaken off their noble intentions in favour of self preservation. Aware of the looming Infinite Crisis, that would threaten the entire universe, the Titans masterminded a plan to escape to a different and secure reality. To gain the power to do so, the cultivated new worshippers by instigating wars between two worlds. Donna Troy, who had just perished on earth, was restored on New Cronus and implanted with false memories. She would believe that she was the next moon goddess after Phoebe and mate to Coeus. Her more important role was to ultimately use her innate ability to open a passageway into the alternative dimension, where the Titans would be safe. Donna regained her memories and was appalled at the Titans actions. She planned to trap them in Tartarus when they went through the portal. Hyperion and Thia were alerted to the trap and attempted to escape. They were both destroyed through a combination of the forces of the portal and an entity called a Sun Eater, that drained their solar powers. Coeus alone regained his morality through his time spent with Donna, and he promised to guard the remaining Titans, preventing them from escaping again.


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