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Just a launching point for new title

Basically, it's a mediocre story without much depth but keep in mind, this book's only purpose is act as a launching point to tease readers for the upcoming Titans #1. I don't think it's meant to do much on its own.

This Judd Winick story about the Teen Titans opens up with the classic team consisting of Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, Donna Troy, Beast Boy and Kid Flash. Their motto, Titans Together! Together Forever! comes crashing to a halt at the end of a flashback where the team has just trounced the Joker and Bizarro. Cyborg is the only one left with that original team spirit and he makes the rounds to call upon his former mates in a desperate plea to help train the new members. Each one of them rejects Cyborg’s invitation leaving him to train a brand new squad dubbed Titans East.

Cyborg has managed to form an eclectic group of heroes beginning with the sexy sisters Hawk (Holly Granger) and Dove (Dawn Granger), identities formerly used by male heroes. The most likely to be chosen as a leader for the newbies is Power Boy. Also among the new ranks are: Anima, Little Barda, Lagoon Boy and Son of Vulcan.

Their first training session consists of a simple War Games exercise where the rest of the team is assigned to take out Power Boy. It takes a while for the simple lesson to be learned that they need to act as a single cohesive team rather than individual units. However, tragedy strikes in shocking DC fashion when one of the new Titans suffers a devastatingly gruesome fate! As the rest appear on the scene, they are also attacked by an unseen foe and their medical status at the final page of the book leaves the imagination wondering if DC just wiped out another group of superheroes in a single act.

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    My take on Titans East Special 0

    Ok, let's start at the beginning. Looking at the cover, seeing Power Boy, i groaned. BUT, i dove into the issue regardless. Writing-wise, The first half of the story, featuring the classic team, was great. The characterization was spot on, and the action moved well. Judd Winnick excels at small moments, so the former was no surprise, but the latter came as a nice surprise. If he can keep this up in the regular series it's going to be awesome. The segue from past to present was poignant in showin...

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    Predicament 0

    How can you write a review about this issue without giving spoilers? I guess very carefully as I am about to do. This issue takes a look back at the good old days of the Titans...the old team with Raven, Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, Donna Troy, and Flash. They have a super battle against Bizarro and Joker. It then shows Cyborg trying to recreate that old team...since the new Titans don't really need Cyborg. EVERYONE turns him you have to feel bad for the guy.So what do you do......

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