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Titans Tower is back up and running on the East Coast as Judd Winick, Ian Churchill and Norm Rapmund assemble an explosive new team of Titans under the leadership of Cyborg! But their first mission may be their last as powerful forces gather to destroy all Titans past and future!

Back during the Teen Titans' original line-up, they faced off against the Joker. He had one of his crazy plans that involved teaming up with Bizarro and kidnapping a female pop singer. Things aren't looking too good but Kid Flash manages to snag the giant gun pointed held at the singer's head away from the Joker. To Wally's surprise, it isn't a normal gun. Inside there is a bomb set to go off. As he runs to move the bomb away from civilians, it goes off 3 seconds early.

Thinking that Kid Flash is gone, Raven engulfs the Joker inside of her to force him to face his worst fears. It turns out that the Joker's fears don't scare him but rather make him laugh hysterically.

Meanwhile, Donna and Starfire continue to try to break free of Bizarro's deadly grasp. After Donna gives him a hard kick to the face, Bizarro responds by throwing her far away. Left alone, Starfire thinks about the fact that Bizarro is the opposite of Superman. Knowing that Superman derives his strength from the yellow sun, she surmises that it would have the opposite affect on Bizarro. She creates a sun blast and Bizarro is left withered. He still contains the strength to injure Kory.

All this has given Kid Flash the time he needed to find some blue Kryptonite from one of the locations that Robin suggested. With Bizarro finally defeated, Robin finishes things by taking Joker out with a haymaker blow. "Titans Together! Together Forever!"

Today. Cyborg is trying to start a new team of Titans. He calls his former teammates but they all have reasons and excuses not to join him. It's Nightwing that finally asks Victor if any of the old team has said yes to him. He also asks who are the new team members.

The new team consists of Hawk and Dove, Power Boy, Anima, Little Barda, Lagoon Boy, and Son of Vulcan. They are the new Titans East.

Cyborg has them all assembled together and tells them that they will be judged on how they perform together. Power Boy is a little put off by the fact that they are basically trying out for the team. For their first mission, Cyborg wants them to "nail [Power Boy's] butt to a wall."

Power Boy sets off. Anima is the first to attempt to grab him. He easily throws her off his back. Next Lagoon Boy grabs hold of Power Boy. Power Boy makes fun of him and holds him in a headlock. Lagoon Boy responds by expanding like a puffer fish, sticking Power Boy in places that shouldn't be mentioned. Little Barda takes her shot by delivering a sharp blow to his head. Slamming down into a tree, Power Boy barely manages to avoid a deadly blow by Vulcan's sword. Power Boy claps his hands together and the shockwave sends Vulcan and Little Barda flying back.

Hawk and Dove decide to take their turn. As Power Boy swings at Hawk and as she manages to stop his punch, she reveals that she's the one he was with the night before (and had her role play as Supergirl). Hawk's punch sends Power Boy flying into the woods. The team runs towards the trees but it's Dove that makes them stop momentarily. She mentions that they haven't been performing as a team and that is why Power Boy has been avoiding their attacks. Shouting out orders, they coordinate a move to surround Power Boy in the woods.

To their shock, they find Power Boy, impaled on a tree branch. The tree is smoking with some bits of flame and Power Boy's body is half burnt also. As the rest come to realize that someone else is there, blasts start coming at them. Dove and Little Barda are hit. Vulcan puts up a shield but is still shot through it, at the same time that Lagoon Boy is. Cyborg runs towards them yelling for someone to report what is going on.

Victor is dismayed to find the entire group lying in smoking heaps on the ground. Knowing that he's got to get medical attention there right way, he looks up to see an enormous fireball coming straight down on top of him.

All that is left is Cyborg's upper torso in a giant burnt crater. This appears to be the end of the Titans East.


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My take on Titans East Special 0

Ok, let's start at the beginning. Looking at the cover, seeing Power Boy, i groaned. BUT, i dove into the issue regardless. Writing-wise, The first half of the story, featuring the classic team, was great. The characterization was spot on, and the action moved well. Judd Winnick excels at small moments, so the former was no surprise, but the latter came as a nice surprise. If he can keep this up in the regular series it's going to be awesome. The segue from past to present was poignant in showin...

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Just a launching point for new title 0

Basically, it's a mediocre story without much depth but keep in mind, this book's only purpose is act as a launching point to tease readers for the upcoming Titans #1. I don't think it's meant to do much on its own.This Judd Winick story about the Teen Titans opens up with the classic team consisting of Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, Donna Troy, Beast Boy and Kid Flash. Their motto, Titans Together! Together Forever! comes crashing to a halt at the end of a flashback where the team has just tro...

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Predicament 0

How can you write a review about this issue without giving spoilers? I guess very carefully as I am about to do. This issue takes a look back at the good old days of the Titans...the old team with Raven, Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, Donna Troy, and Flash. They have a super battle against Bizarro and Joker. It then shows Cyborg trying to recreate that old team...since the new Titans don't really need Cyborg. EVERYONE turns him you have to feel bad for the guy.So what do you do......

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