Titans #2

    Titans » Titans #2 - Family Affair Part 1: All Together Now released by DC Comics on July 2008.

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    The Titans hunt continues as all known Titans are being stalked and attacked! Can Nightwing, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, Red Arrow, and Donna Troy survive long enough to discover the identity of their mysterious foe?

    • Things aren't looking good for former Titan Argent. Not only has a gang of no goodnicks tied her up so her neck is bulging in unnatural ways, but that same gang is ready to feed her to some kind of mutant-shark-monster-demon thing! On the upswing, the demon shark flips on his captors, and before he can move onto an Argent main course, the Titans arrive to save the day. Apparently, they've been on the prowl saving all sorts of former Titans from similar fates, but it's good to know the Justice League is pitching in here and there.

    • Back at the base, Beast Boy goes over the incriminating evidence with a Professor X-style floating wheelchair bound Cyborg. While Beasty is trying to remain light about the trauma the team is going through, Cyborg explains he thinks something's fishy about the death of Power Boy. Namely, he never thought the kid was really cut out to be a Titan and is wondering if he had some sinister info or some other such conspiracy thing which he was taken out because of.

    • Raven in the meantime is meditating her way to daddy dearest's realm by way of astral projection. Once there she finds a barren wasteland and an aging, ravished Trigon. But even in his weakened state (the result of fending off other-worldly raiders after he mucked around on earth so long), he still has it in him to muck around on Earth a lot, especially when it comes to defeating all those who formerly defeated him: The Titans!

    • When Raven tries to escape her father's realm unharmed, it causes some ground-shaking havoc back at HQ. Several members of the team (including Raven's former boyfriend-ish person Wally West) try to jump in and save her, but in the end only a well-placed bomb arrow from Roy can shake Raven loose. And while she ain't too happy about how Red Arrow went about freeing her, Raven's even more worried about the fact that Trigon isn't working alone on earth. In fact, most of the trouble's being caused by some heretofore unseen siblings of Raven—or as the solicitation text for next issue likes to call them: The Sons of Trigon!!!



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