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Its a spanking

What happens in it:

Story skips between Roy in the present day during a drug bust while on the phone with Donna, and 3 days earlier where the Justice League showed up at the New York Titans Tower after news reached them about the Troia incident, they are not happy.

Whats the feeling?:

Ugh... is the feeling. I am generally not happy whenever the League decides to 'grace' the Titans or Teen Titans with a visit in their pages because it nearly always ends one way. And this time is no different. The League ultimately means well, and again Superman seems to just be there to point out how they are not there to belittle the Titans. But yet again they show up and are extremely condescending towards the Titans and the way they all behaved during the whole Troia thing.

Back in the Johns era of Teen Titans the same kind of thing happened really early on. Cassandra Sandsmark had been invited to the team, despite Diana's protests, the League showed up in force and tried to take seniority. Back then I was pretty glad Starfire simply blasted Diana when Cassandra said she wanted to stay. In this issue, I am quite glad Garth and Roy is here simply to shout at the League. Which was something I also wanted to do reading this, because the League warrants their appearance with 'every superhero team is our business'. Since for one thing, no one shows up on the Watchtower when the League blows it in some way, they are just glad the rest of the city wasn't smashed as well. And secondly it's mostly coming from Batman, who generally is impossible to please as a metahuman, and has some really strange ideas about teamwork... especially when it's teams he hasn't vetted or is leading himself.

What makes it worse however is the ending of the 3 days ago part, which I feel is a damn disservice to the Titans as a team. And yet again I really do get the sense Bumblebee is on her way out, since she seems to serve as nothing but a random distraction that derails the ongoing argument and makes it about her.

The looks:

Well, good news, Brett Booth is not on art, so all the line work is good and the shadings and colors actually feel vibrant rather than washed out. There is however one thing I dont like about the art... and thats Wally's suit in this issue, it's just far too red and almost looks like a big blob of red.

The end:

Issue ends on a cliffhanger that rather reminds me of a Deadpool parody homage to the Dark Knight Returns cover. Going forwards with this, I am kinda hoping Karen up's and leaves now that her memory appears to be back. Other than that I am hoping the Titans can finish this off by telling the League where they can park it.

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