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    I havnt picked up a single issue of Titans since issue 7 in which I voiced my opinions in another review, the story and continuity in that issue made me want to find Winnick and put a slug in his head.  BUT!! This issue was pure awesomeness, it wasnt the fights which were nothing compared to other comics it was the story.

    I am and will always be an Aquaman, and when Tempest was dropped into Comic Limbo after IC i was extreamly pissed. I wanted to know what happen to Dolphin and their child. And my questions for this long time have finally been answered and part of me wishes they werent, Garth has gone through so much BS over the years and he had one chance at happiness and WOOSH the carpets pulled right from under him.

    Although their is another good thing to come out of this besides the story, THE THRONE HAS BEEN FILLED!!! OMFG my jaw dropped to the floor when I read the last page. And all i could scream was FINALLY!!!!!

    Giving this a 4 out of five i really enjoyed everything within it

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