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Just As the Teens Were Losing Steam

I believe in recent issues the "Teen" Titans have begone to lost steam. It seems like there's something big that's gonna happen but it's just taking too long. So now comes the original team to settle the score. The first issue was good except for the fact that we have Trigon....again. Anyway I really am reading this book for its characteristics and dynamics that are awesome. I love reading Nightwing and Arsenal together, its one of the best DC relationships. Second by far is Cyborg and Beast Boy which only makes this book twice as good. Its been so long since I've seen anything involving Cyborg being a part of an active team that its a joy to see him back. I really hope The story doesn't take the expected route and gets some fresh stories. I also hope they add the recently revived Jericho to the roster to fill it out.

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    This entire issue is like the first ten minutes of The Love Boat. You know the part where Julie the Cruise Director is meeting each character and they step up and introduce themselves and we find out why and how they are important to the story, all the while Gopher and Issac are making fun of them. Yeah, this whole issue is like that. Except without Gopher and Isaac. If I'm being honest, and I usually am I did not even suspect who the villain was, yet when they did the big reveal, wow did it ma...

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    The classic team has returned. 0

    Well, for a first issue I've seen worse. I've been a huge fan of the original New Teen Titans since I got into DC and having read the whole series, plus any of the spinoffs this issue wasn't as bad as I feared it would be given the writer. It was basically a set-up issue, trying to get a group together, etc and that was done pretty well. Sure, I could have done without that little scene with Starfire but Kory's always sort of been free that way since she first came to Earth. Just back then the c...

    2 out of 3 found this review helpful.

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