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    Titans » Titans #1 - The Fickle Hand Part Two: Today I Settle All Family Business released by DC Comics on June 2008.

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    A new team of Titans is born in the extra-sized first issue of a new ongoing monthly by Judd Winick (GREEN LANTERN, GREEN ARROW, OUTSIDERS), Ian Churchill and Norm Rapmund (SUPERGIRL, TEEN TITANS EAST SPECIAL)! Someone or something is continuing its attack on anyone who's ever been a Titan, including Nightwing, Starfire, Donna Troy, Beast Boy and Raven.

    You won't want to miss this new startling chapter in Titans history that may forge a new team from the ashes of old, dead friends.

    Leaping across the Gotham skyline during the day, Nightwing is on his way to one of the 12 safehouses Batman has peppered all across the city, musing that even though Gotham is a terrible city, he still loves it. As he begins to head to take a nap, his instincts kick in and he narrowly escapes being caught in an explosion. Dick manages to slow his fall using a batarang and grabbing a US flag and is still stunned and in disbelief that someone found out about the safehouses. He lands in an dark ally where he is surrounded by a variety of masked ninjas, no longer surprised.

    At the home of the Animal Man in San Diego, Starfire flies around the backyard happily stark naked holding a towel towards the pool. She thinks about how nice the Bakers have been to her as of late but she still appreciates having the house alone to herself, able to go about her business naked, human prudishness still confusing her. She simply can't grasp why a culture preoccupied with sex are put off by nudity and assumes that it's only the United States that has this problem. She begins to sunbathe to rejuvenate her powers even further when Buddy Baker's son, Cliff, walks in from his soccer game. Kory is midly surprised that he is home early and promises to cover up when she takes notices that Cliff is freaking out about something behind her. After looking backward, Kory gets up to her knees and covers her chest, with a scream.

    At James Madison High School, Raven is walking down the hallways with two girl classmates. Raven cynically and blatantly refuses to help them cheat on a test. When questioned, she gives them a list, insulting them both at the same time. They reach the stairs and the two girls who claim to be Raven's friends, tell her that everyone thinks she is a female dog. Raven admits that she is okay with that and again insults them. When one of the girls is going to tell Raven off, Raven senses another presence and turns to see a demonic fire-breathing warthog, telling the other girls to run.

    In Washington, D.C. at along the National Mall, Red Arrow is riding to the Hall on his motorcycle and is called, yet again, by the nanny watching his daughter, Lian. Shocked upon learning what Lian did this time, Roy asks to talk to her on the phone. He begins to reprimands her for putting a waffle in the DVD player but is then almost speared when bony spikes erupt from the ground all around him randomly, obviously trying to do him harm.

    In Prague, Czech Republic at the headquarters of the Doom Patrol, Beast Boy is woken up from his sleep and is very upset. As leader of the Doom Patrol, he gave the orders that they would let him sleep for one hour unless the mansion was on fire or Darkseid attacked the Earth. Talking on the phone with an unknown, Gar is about to vent but noticing lava raining down around him, looks up and yells an obscenity. He morphs into a flying squirrel to escape his room.

    Seemingly in outer space but actually in the Multiverse, Donna Troy kindly explains to her partner, Kyle Rayner, in a force bubble that as much as she would like to go back to Earth they have to grin and bear it and get to the bottom of things. Kyle protests saying they volunteered to go the Multiverse, so theorhetically they can un-volunteer themselves or at least take a break. Kyle notices something is wrong and gasps, alerting Donna. Donna spins around to see a dimensional gateway open up with red little tendrils and tentacles trying to reel them in. Donna quietly admits that going home is a good idea which Kyle replies sarcastically as he struggles to resist.

    In Keystone City in the home of The Flash, a tired Flash accepts his wife's invite for dinner and tells her to give him a minute to shower. Wally asks what's for dinner hoping that it's not pasta salad. He feels something odd touch his body and looks down to see some sort of red material crawl up his feet that eventually tries to cover his whole body.

    Just outside Titans Tower in the San Francisco Bay, Robin organizes a training session some time after assisting the other heroes with the Sinestro Corps. and defeating their evil future counterparts. The others, especially Kid Devil and Ravager complain but Robin thinks that they need to learn some team maneuvers. He is cut off when a giant monster of Earth attacks them that makes Ravager's day.

    Meanwhile, back in Gotham, Nightwing continues to fight the ninjas and despite some bleeding cuts on his face is winning. With the customary playful superhero banter, he asks them who they are and why are they doing this. He tries to throw a lady ninja by her head but only her mask comes off to reveal a demon with decaying eyes and tongue and incredibly sharp teeth. Nightwing slays her by throwing a sword through her head, literally adding insult to injury. The last ninja demon is taken out by Batman. Nightwing claims he could've taken him out but Batman admits that he is right but he was trying to save some time. He reveals that his teammates have been trying to reach him but they couldn't get in touch with him so they called Batman. Nightwing tells Batman that he doesn't have teammates anymore to which Batman replies that something has happened and the someone who is responsible thinks differently and that it's only begun.

    Back on Titans Island in New York, Power Boy, badly burnt, is still hanging on a tree, speared through the chest. One of the former Teen Titans ask why is Power Boy is still on the tree to which another explains that they wanted to preserve the scene until they got there and the former Titan then announces that he needs to be off the tree and covered since they're here. Somebody asks about Vic who is put in a rejuvenation chamber, the lower half of his body gone, unconscious and stable. Hawk and Dove are stable too. Son of Vulcan, Lagoon Boy and Anima are comatose while Little Barda is critical. And Power Boy is dead.

    The Titans except for Kyle gather around the crime scene where the slaughter of the new Titans East team was. Wally asks who did this. Dick asks him if he means who is trying to eliminate everyone who was a Teen Titan. Donna adds that it is someone with a really big reach, Kory adding vicious to Donna's statement. Gar comments that this someone has to be cunning too. He admits that he almost bought it, revealing that it was very real. Roy adds that it was supernatural since it couldn't been scientific or related to metahumans. Dick asks Raven if it is who he thinks it is. Raven replies with a yes and that Trigon has returned.


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    Just As the Teens Were Losing Steam 0

    I believe in recent issues the "Teen" Titans have begone to lost steam. It seems like there's something big that's gonna happen but it's just taking too long. So now comes the original team to settle the score. The first issue was good except for the fact that we have Trigon....again. Anyway I really am reading this book for its characteristics and dynamics that are awesome. I love reading Nightwing and Arsenal together, its one of the best DC relationships. Second by far is Cyborg and Beast Boy...

    2 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Just Saying Hello 0

    This entire issue is like the first ten minutes of The Love Boat. You know the part where Julie the Cruise Director is meeting each character and they step up and introduce themselves and we find out why and how they are important to the story, all the while Gopher and Issac are making fun of them. Yeah, this whole issue is like that. Except without Gopher and Isaac. If I'm being honest, and I usually am I did not even suspect who the villain was, yet when they did the big reveal, wow did it ma...

    2 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    The classic team has returned. 0

    Well, for a first issue I've seen worse. I've been a huge fan of the original New Teen Titans since I got into DC and having read the whole series, plus any of the spinoffs this issue wasn't as bad as I feared it would be given the writer. It was basically a set-up issue, trying to get a group together, etc and that was done pretty well. Sure, I could have done without that little scene with Starfire but Kory's always sort of been free that way since she first came to Earth. Just back then the c...

    2 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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