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Titania is a character who appears in Marvel Universe as an Eternal. She appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes the Contest of Champions #1, "The Contest" in June, 1982.


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Titania was born into the fifth generation of Eternals, being those born after the coming of the Third Host. It has been stated that she is from the Earth born Eternals and her origins hale from Greece. She has also been stated as being a gladiator.

Titanis was in the Andes along with Ajax, Sersi, and Ikaris when they were teleported away among heroes assembled to be chosen to participate by the Grandmaster and Death in the Contest of Champions. She was not chosen among the ranks of either of the players.

She has not been seen since this time and has only been mentioned once in the Official Handbook of Marvel Universe #4.

Powers and Abilities

Titanis is a member of the Eternals and as part of that race has the same natural innate abilities as her race. There are several attributes to Eternals, Thus Titania is invulnerable to Heat, Cold, Energy, Electricity, Radiation, Toxins and Disease. She does not age. She can still be severely injured, but only by scattering their ashes over a wide area of space can they be permanently slain. She is still vulnerable to mental and magical attacks. Titania can manipulate Cosmic Energy in a number of discreet fashions, however her extant has never been exhibited.

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She is able to draw her individual Power from Cosmic Energy manipulation, including in some cases such forms as Shape-Shifting, Teleportation and Matter Manipulation. As all Eternals may project cosmic energy as Force Bolts of Amazing range and intensity.

Titania can "fly" by means of Levitation, mentally projecting themselves through the air. She may lift and carry others with them as well.

It is assumed that Titanis is an accomplished fighter and warrior due to her being described as a gladiator.

More than a hundred Eternals in one location can form the Uni-Mind, an energy creation that resembles a huge brain with abilities under the control of the Eternal leader. This creation is used as a parliamentary device to gather a consensus for Eternal affairs. The Uni-Mind also has offensive Powers, but when it challenged the Celestials, it was destoyed and the controlling force, Zuras, was slain. Less than 100 Eternals can create a Uni-Mind of a power equal to their percentage.


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