Any other Titania fans?

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Loved the character design and I think she's better than She-Hulk.

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Woah there, pal. That's a fine point to make if arguing for her being Jen's #1 nemesis. I don't think that would make her better than her arch-foe. Probably the one thing that makes them equals is that they both were a bit insecure about themselves before their respective transformations, and that since that time, they've made their fair share of mistakes.

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Why yes, yes I am. *dbl nod*

I generally enjoy the interplay between Skeeter and Jennifer though I think she's evolved enough as a character that she could stand up on her own. I mean, cancer.. Absorbing Man.. wielder of the Power Gem.. transformed into Skirn.. I would personally like Titania and She-Hulk to be less 'Worfed' and get more face time. She should, technically, be quite deadly and a considerable handful to put down. Has Titania shown up in any of the later Hulk comics, or anywhere else for that matter, post Fear Itself?

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She's a pretty cool villain, but She-Hulk is the sh!t.

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Yeah, I've been a fan of hers ever since I first read her in Secret Wars. In fact, I'm so much a fan that I signed up here just to reply to this thread. I'd like to see her used in more of a protagonist role. The last issue of House of M: Masters of Evil pretty much put her in that position. I like how she's squarely a villain but still has a lot of sympathetic, human qualities, and isn't a ruthless killer type. At the very least I'd like to see her move on from solely being a She-Hulk villain or an occasional guest-star for when a writer decides to use Absorbing Man. Fear Itself was a good start, but her story didn't really get any follow-up after that. The Dan Slott storyline had a note of finality where I think it should have been the last Jen vs. Skeeter story for a while.

As for recent appearances, I believe her only post-Fear Itself appearance has been the one issue of Fear Itself: The Fearless where she was warning everyone that they were coming for her hammer.

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She is kinda lame and forgettable. Sexy though.

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