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Original Continuity: New Earth

"That tickles"

Born on Dryad in the 30th century, Titania was recruited by the villainous Dark Man to the League of Super-Assassins, after he convinced her that the planet Dryad was destroyed by the Legion of Super-Heroes. This set the six survivors on the path of vengeance against the Legion.

After the Super-Assassins failed in their mission against the Legionnaires, Titania went on to join the Legion of Super-Villains.

Titania has not made an appearance since the Flashpoint storyline. It has not been relieved if she has survived the relaunch of the series Legion of Super-Heroes. Titania was last seen battling the Legionnaires alongside a massive membership of the Legion of Super-Villains led by Superboy Prime.


The character Titania first appeared in DC Comics publication of Legion of Super-Heroes in July 1st 1979. She was created by Gerry Conway as a embittered teenager from a dead world. Her first appearance was in Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #253, Night of the Super-Assassins!

Character Evolution

Titania was always a typical "Brick", the strong armed crook. She is an aggressive and robust young woman, brutal and quick to anger. She shows little patience for just about anyone and is easily riled up. This hasn't changed much at all since her initial battles with the Legion of Super-Heroes. She still has close ties with her old partners in the League of Super-Assassins and see's them as the only family she has left. She has also joined several incarnations of the Legion of Super-Villains.

Powers and Abilities

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Titania is immensely strong and durable with her super-human strength being able to match Ultra-Boy in combat and nearly defeat him. She has been seen holding up a massive Power Fusion Spear for a lengthy amount of time with little discomfort. She is also nearly invulnerable having extremely dense skin able to withstand high impacts and energy attacks.

She is also a highly trained combatant having learned several forms of hand-to-hand combat techniques. Titania is also knowledgeable in flying and navigating advanced space vehicles.


Real Name: Unrevealed

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Lazon, Neutrax, and Mist Master (possible cousins); Silver Slasher (possible sister)

Group Affiliation: League of Super-Assassins, Legion of Super-Villains

Base of Operations: Originally the Dark Man’s ship; then a UP prison on Earth; then LSV H.Q. on Orando; then the UP prison planet Takron-Galtos; then the UP prison planet Labyrinth; now possibly Takron-Galtos again

Education: Unknown


Height: about 6’5”

Weight: 3 APs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Red

Titania is an extremely muscular woman. She is about 6 and a half feet tall with bright red hair. Her costume is a magenta skin-tight mini dress which is than trimmed with white and silver, which leaves her legs completely bare except for silver boots. Her uniform also is accented with a metallic silver belt and cuffs.


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