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    A man who worked his way to the top of the criminal ladder from the bottom, Titan is the leader of a super-villain mob.

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    The superhuman gangster Titan's story is a warped reflection of the American dream. From humble beginnings, Titan clawed his way up the criminal hierarchy until he became the leader of a powerful criminal cartel. Although Titan has super-strength and a rocky hide, he owes his meteoric rise more to his ambition and cunning then physical force.

    Aside from his extensive criminal record, little is known about Titan. At some point the ambitious young street criminal caught the attention of the gang lord Machine Head, who made Titan a member of his crew.

    For years, Titan performed Machine Head's dirty work, earning the gangster's trust while plotting his demise. One night Titan lured Machine Head into a city park and sprung his trap. The immensely strong Titan beat Machine Head severely and would have killed him were it not for the timely intervention of a band of proessional heroes from Capes Inc. Titan escaped, but he had squandered his one chance at eliminating Machine Head.

    Cast out and on the run from Machine Head's killers, Titan still klung to his dream of criminal supremacy. Working with a traitor within Machine Head's gang, Titan devised a new plan to depose the king of the underworld.

    Titan gained the trust of Invincible, with the intention of manipulating the young hero into conflict with the cadre of superhuman bodyguards that the now cautious Machine Head surrounded himself with. Titan convinced Invincible that, although he had not reformed, he sincerly wanted to bring Machine Head to justice. Together Invincible and Titan burst into Machine Heads office and battled his superhuman bodyguards: Kursk, Tether Tyrant, Furnace, Magmaniac, Magnattack and Battle Beast. The new Guardians of the Globe joined and the heroes ultimately won, but at a cost; the alien Battle Beast mauled Invincible and Bulletproof and severely injured Black Samson, who slipped into a coma. During the fight, Machine Head's teleporting major domo Isotope vanished when his boss needed him most, and the gangster was found under his desk.

    Invincible and the Guardians seemed satisfied that Machine Head's criminal empire had been decapitated, but in the shadows, aided by the traitorous Isotope, Titan seized control of the underword empire. Titan's ambition and drive have payed off; now he secretly controls the largest criminal organisation on the north American continent. Titan for some months had been at war with Mr. Liu of the Order until they were both defeated by Invincible. Titan was brought back in by Set, the leader of the Order and was told that he would work with him or be killed. Eventually, Titan, Machine Head and Mr. Liu had to once again work together to stay within Set's plans for world destruction. However, following the destruction of Paris, Set was unmasked and his gaze immobilized both the Order and the Guardians of the Globe for up to two hours. When Titan and Isotope recovered, Titan returned to rebuild his empire as the Order was left unbalanced. Using both Furnace and Tether Tyrant as his main enforcers, things went wrong when the Guardians of the Globe attacked and Furnace was killed and Tether Tyrant bonded his symboite and went insane before Brit defeated him.

    Character Information

    Human Form Titan Form

    Height: 6' 2" Height: 6' 3"

    Weight: 250 lbs Weight: 1,450 lbs

    Eyes: Brown Eyes: Not visible

    Hair: Black Hair: None

    Strength level: While encased in his rock like form, Titan possesses superhuman strength allowing him to lift up to 20 tons.

    When in his human form he has the normal strength of a man his age, height and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.

    Known superpowers

    Titan is capable of generating a stone like outer shell, closely resembling granite which encases his entire body from head to toe, by force of will. while in his stone like state, he retains his normal human reflexes, speed and mobility while gaining all the physical properties of stone such as strength and hardness, this provides him superhuman resistance to impact damage, temperature and pressure extremes. He is capable of withstanding the impact of small arms fire at a distance of at least 10 feet with minimal damage to his outer husk. The thickness of his stone outer skin ranges from half an inche at its thinest to 1 inche at its thickest. His initial trasformation leaves Titan enclosed in a solid sheath of stone with no visible points of articulation or seams. Articulation is achieved after he moves within his stone husk, cracking the shell at joints and points of flexion (knee or elbow). Titan does not possesses the ability to repair his outer husk if it is damaged, cracked or chipped and must shed the shell entirely in order to generate a new, pristine one to replace it. Despite his weight and mass, Titan is capable of preforming a standing high jump of up to 10 feet.


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