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    A member of the Imperial Guard who can change into a giant titan.

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    Titan is a member of the Imperial Guard which is a legion of super-powered champions who protect and defend the Shi'ar galactic empire. Its members are drawn both from the Shi'ar and other alien races governed by the Shi'ar. The majority of the Imperial Guard's members are known as Borderers. They assist the governors of conquered planets in enforcing the Shi'ar imperial law. The Imperial Guardsmen however belong to the elite corps that protects the ruler of the empire, known as the Majestor or Majestrix, and executes his or her orders. Nothing much is known about Titan's history or if his humanlike appearance means he comes from earth.


    Titan was created by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum in 1977 and first appeared in X-Men # 107 (1977). He was based on the DC Comics superhero from the 30th century Colossal Boy, as were many of the other Imperial Guards fashioned after members of the Legion of Super-heroes.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Imperial Guard

    Titan was a veteran of the Imperial Guard whom briefly fought the X-men when the Imperial Guard was ordered to take them out by the mad emperor D'ken. However, when D'ken was dethroned and Empress Lilandra took his place, Titan fought alongside the heroes on more then one occasion. He also fought in the so called Operation Galactic Storm, witch was a war between the Kree and the Shi'ar empires.

    A New Emperor: War of Kings

    Titan was present during Vulcan's attack on the Shi'ar Empire and the Imperial Guard. Vuclan overthrow Lilandra's rule by ressurecting her older brother and former emperor D'Ken. Vulcan then married Deathbird, so he now was Shi'ar royalty as well. He soon killed D'Ken and became the new emperor. Despite the heavy casualties of his fellow Guardsmen, Titan was counted among the survivors. He was forced by his oath to now serve the new Emperor Vulcan. Someone whom not weeks before had tried to kill him and had killed many of his teammates and citizens.

    Realm of Kings

    After the War of Kings left Vulcan gone, the Shi'ar Empire was threatened by the Cancerverse. Titan and the new emperor Ronan fought against the evil forces of that reality.

    Other Versions

    Age of Apocalypse

    As in the regular Marvel 616 universe, Titan was a member of the Imperial Guard in this alternate reality. Along with Gladiator and the rest of the Guard, he confronted Gambit and the X-Force, mistaking them for enemies when they teleported to the M'Kraan Crystal. With the help of Rictor, Titan and the Guard attempted to capture the mutants, only to be killed by the M'Kraan's expanding crystal wave while Gambit and his team escaped.

    Powers & Abilities

    Titan is a member of an unnamed alien race who possess the ability to draw mass from a presumed extra-dimensional source. He can control this mass, enabling him to grow to a gigantic size through an act of his own will. The maximum height that Titan is able to reach has yet to be determined. Titan can also revert back to his normal height and mass through an act of will, or also if he is rendered unconscious. In his regular form, Titan possesses the normal strength and durability of a member of his race. However, when Titan grows in height, his strength and durability increase proportionately. He also can fly with the use of a "flight belt".

    Other Media


    X-MEN: The Animated Series

    Titan along with the other Imperial Guard members, appeared in the show during the Phoenix Saga.


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