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    A compound based on the Venom drug; however, Titan is more potent with serious (and possibly fatal) side effects.

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    The Titan formula was developed by Dr. Penelope Young during her experimentation on Bane at Arkham Asylum. However, the Joker later acquired it to transform Blackgate henchmen into super henchmen. Those injected with Titan transform into massive beings similar to Bane on Venom, but these subjects are possibly stronger and mindless brutes. During a showdown with Batman on Arkham Island, Joker injected the formula into himself, but was defeated by Batman. During the following year after Quincy Sharp is elected mayor of Gotham City, the Joker slowly deteriorates as the side effects of the Titan formula results in blood poisoning. When Sharp successfully develops Arkham City, Titan becomes a black-market commodity to create soldiers in the never-ending turf wars between the various Bat-villains locked away, particularly between the Penguin and the Joker (with Harley Quinn). Concerned about the threat that Titan poses to his own plans, Bane schemes to get Titan off the streets of Arkham City.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009)

    Titan was first created by Paul Dini for this video game. Batman first learns about the drug after releasing Bane from captivity. The drug is depicted as more powerful than Venom because a single injection can create a superbeing while Bane has to constantly supply his drug. Numerous arena battles throughout the game involve Batman fighting Titan henchmen amid regular Blackgate and Arkham inmates. A number of missions in the game are plotted around Batman acquiring components for and the development of a Titan antidote. The final boss battle involves Batman fighting a Titan-infected Joker, who is only defeated after a knockout punch for brass-knuckle applied explosive gel. The Batman: Arkham City miniseries starts with a flashback to the game's climax and fast-forwards to almost a year later.

    Batman: Arkham City (2011)

    Less prominent in this sequel, the consequences of Titan's development still drives the plot of this video game. The Joker transfuses Batman with infected blood, creating "a race against the clock" scenario for Batman to develop another cure for the infection to save himself and local hospital patients. Joker's apparent demise at the end of the game is a direct result from the Titan poisoning. A side quest involves Batman voluntarily teaming up with Bane to destroy containers of Titan located throughout Arkham City. Bane's motivation for this partnership are revealed after the quest's completion. The Batman: Arkham Unhinged series takes place before and during the events of this game, while the mini-series Batman: Arkham City - End Game takes place immediately after and leads into the DLC content, Harley Quinn's Revenge.


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