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    One of the Greek Furies, Tisiphone is the one who punishes murderers. She has also been described as the guardian of the gates of Tartarus.

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    Tisiphone and the other Furies were the daughters of Gaea, who was fertilized by the blood spilled from Uranus when Cronos castrated him.

    Her name means "the one who avenges murder."

    Versions in Comics


    Hearing the cries of vengeance from a gypsy woman who had been accused of being a witch and burned at the stake by Reverend Kale, the Furies assaulted him relentlessly. For seven days they made it rain blood and even killed one of the reverend's sons. He therefore made a pact with Mephisto to rid himself of the Furies, bartering away the soul of his other son, Noble Kale, in order for him to become the Ghost Rider. With his new powers, Noble slew the physical forms of the Furies.

    The Furies slumbered in the Land of Shades until a cloaking spell that had been placed around the Ghost Rider was accidentally destroyed and awoke them. The Furies accosted the present Ghost Rider, Daniel Ketch, in order to learn where Noble Kale had gone. Ketch escaped however, and so the Furies sought out Mephisto in order to help them return to the earthly plane, but instead encountered Blackheart, who gave them the ability to appear on Earth through possessing host bodies.

    Tisiphone appeared before Paula Harris, a former girlfriend of Ketch, on an airline flight from Miami to New York. Claiming she was there to kill everyone aboard the plane, Tisiphone told Paula she would spare everyone is she could take temporary possession of Paula's body. Paula gave in, and Tisiphone took control of her and took the name "Dark Lady." She then reunited with her sisters to seek out Ketch once again.


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