Tirion Fordring

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    In the Warcraft Universe, Tirion is one of the heroes of the Second War.

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    Fictional character biography

    Tirion was an Alliance soldier during the brief peace following the First War. He was one out of five recruited by Archbishop Alonsus Faol to be trained as the first paladins and founding members of the Knights of the Silver Hand.

    After the war, Tirion continued his role as a Silver Hand in his hometown Hearthglen, under the command of his close friend Lord Commander Saidan Dathrohan, then the current leader of the order. During one of his travels, Tirion encountered a retired orc who escaped captivity. Tirion sought to eliminate him but was wounded in the process. Contrary to his belief that all orcs are demonic barbarians, Eitrigg took him to the abandoned fort he resided in and mended his wounds. Tirion became good friends with Eitrigg, and decided to let him live peacefully.

    Not long after, Dathrohan's men discovered Eitrigg's hideout and arrested him for execution. Tirion, feeling indebted, rushed to the execution and freed him, allowing Eitrigg to escape and Tirion trialed in his place. This act caused Eitrigg to declare himself and Tirion brothers by blood and honor.

    Ultimately, the jury of the court declared Tirion guilty of assaulting Alliance soldiers, and the punishment was the stripping of his title and exile. Before departing, Tirion bids his wife and son Taelan farewell, later faking his death so his son could live a life free of shame.

    He was secretly present during his son's paladin initiation ceremony.

    The Ashbringer

    Tirion was visited by Darion Mograine at his hut, who sought his help on freeing his father Alexandros from the curse of the Ashbringer, a corrupted blade formerly forged by Muradin Bronzebeard and Alexandros to combat unholy magic. Tirion then retold the story of his encounter with Eitrigg, and told Darion to use an act of love to free his father. Darion then leaves, telling him that he can become the hero he once was.

    When Light's Hope Chapel was attacked by the Scourge, Tirion came to its defense alongside the Argent Dawn. He remained in touch with the Argent leader Lord Maxwell Tyrosus, in hopes of freeing Taelan from the zealous Scarlet Crusade influence.


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