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Powers and Abilities

As a disciple in YOMI with a master in YAMI, Tirawit is considered a very high class disciple and is usually seen enven above some of his fellow members in YOMI. Tirawit as a disciple oj Agaard Jum Sai is being taught Muy Thai and Muy Boran as his fighting style. Agaard taught Tirawit to attack his opponents attacks making Tirawit an expert on countering and opponents moves. Tirawit was able to dish a counter to Kenichi's Korui Nuki while being hit, diverting some of the attack's power to Kenichi and standing up calmly after being launched. Tirawit is an excellent fighter that can often read his opponent during a fight and can psychological manipulate them to make them easier to beat. Tirawit is also a good teacher having taught the karate club the basics of Muy Boran's offense to fight Kenichi, though he neglected to teach them defense so as to manipulate Kenichi into beating the crap out of them. He did this so Kenichi would lose his temper. Tirawit himself is a sei type fighter who remains calm and tries to out think his opponent.

Beyond his fighting ability Tirawit has a keen mind and strong heart. He is able to beat Kajima Saotome at chess multiple times while diverting his attention on another project. Tirawit is excellent at profiling people. With weaker people like Daimonji all he had to do was stare into his eyes and measure his pulse, though with Kenichi he had to fight him first. A mistake in analysis by Tirawit is exceedingly rare.


  • Gemon Tepii - A Muay Thai flying knee to the target's head.
  • Hak Ko Erawan - Tirawit launches forward at his opponent with both a flying knee and a double elbow strike at the same time to the opponent's chin and top of the head respectively.
  • Hiran Muan Pandin - Tirawit draws himself close to an enemy, bypasses his enemy's defenses, and unleashes a sideways elbow strike towards the head of his opponent to break his neck.
  • Ruushi Faan - Tirawit jumps up and grabs onto his opponent with one hand while using the other one to unleash an airborne punch. This is typically used to grab onto the opponent's kicking leg and draw oneself close.
  • Sai Reu Ran - Tirawit ducks down and elbow up towards his opponent's head from the duck.
  • Tabien Fan To - Tirawit grabs onto the opponent very closely and jams his knee deep into the opponent's stomach
  • Ti Sok Klab - A basic move in Muay Thai which involves a backwards elbow strike. The elbow is meant to strike an opponent that has gotten behind the user.Often called the reverse elbow
  • Yan Erawan - Tirawit first places himself in an unguarded stance and waits for his opponent to attack. When the opponent strikes, Tirawit slams his knee into the chest of his opponent, where the heart is. Combined with the force of his strike and the power behind his opponent's speed, the attack is powerful enough to stop a person's heart on impact.This is the move that almost killed Kenichi Shirahama.

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