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Tirianeans-A race of gray skined humunoid creatures who pride brawn over brains. Tirianeans seem to be the dominate race or creatures. They use Skytarps to catch invaders. They are at consent war with the nieghboring planet and its inhabitants.

Mind roots- A plant like lifeform that has been growing for generation on top of where the Tirianeans bury their dead. It have taking on many powers over the years. Most noteable is the ablity to teach non-Tiraneans to speak Tirenean. Also it can be used to mind control certain creature. This form of mind control is very limited to making it impossable for them to attack the Tireneans directly.

Hydreka- A large worm like creature, with fangs that can spit acid like vemon. Just one could destroy a country

Flyers-Large flying bug like creatures that are able to carry two or more riders into battle.


Capital City: Warkalla

Known Rulers


That a king will come from the stars to build a society and lead the Tirianeans. He will beat down all challenges, kill all usurpers. This was the Red King.


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