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Tira is a former assassin who once worked for an organization called the Bird of Passage. When the Evil Seed shone down on the leaders, the group disbanded. Tira had become addicted to killing during her time in the group, however, and couldn't live a normal life. When she heard about Nightmare, she empathized with him because he was a similar being to herself, and she became his servant. She then went after Sophitia's children...

In Soulcalibur IV her mind gets shattered by the meeting of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge and her already bi-polar nature becomes a full split personality. She becomes very cunning and manipulative and has most of the cast under her thumb. Unfortunately, Soul Edge is destroyed, and she suffers a mental breakdown, returning to the shadows. She finds solace in her plans for Pyrrha, and upon Soul Edge's return she returns to Nightmare. However, she is not pleased when she finds out that the new Nightmare wants to privately seek control over the world, instead of slaughtering everything. Deciding that this Nightmare is an impostor, she sets out to seek a new host in V.


Tira first appeared as a character in the popular video game fighting series Soulcalibur. Introduced in the third game of the series Soul Calibur 3 released in 2005, Tira was created by Aya Takemura and Namco's Project Soul. She would eventually appear in Soul Calibur IV comic book released by DC in 2008.

Character Evolution

Her history spread across mediums, Tira undergoes much character development in her original medium of video games but considerably less in her comic book appearances. Gradually over time Tira would descend into mental instability, leading to her developing two distinct personalities.

Powers and Abilities

Tira is an accomplished fighter who utilizes a Ring Blade as her primary weapon in combat. Highly agile, Tira is distinguished by her evasive, acrobatic movements and flexibility. She is also known for her unpredictability. Adding to this is her dual stances both reflective of her mood at any given time, one of which is her depressed and moody disposition and the other a happy joyful attitude.

Other Media

Video Games

Soulcalibur III

Tira debuted in the 2005 fighting video game Soul Calibur 3.

Soulcalibur IV

Tira appeared in the 2008 fighting video game Soul Calibur IV.

Soulcalibur V

Tira appeared in the 2012 fighting video game Soul Calibur V.


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