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Aw yeah, Titans! Written and illustrated by the Eisner Award-winning duo of Art Baltazar and Franco in the series that launched them to stardom, it’s fun for the whole family as teen-y tiny Titans Raven and Beast Boy go on all sorts of awesome adventures. Collects stories from Tiny Titans #1-4, #6, #8, #12-14, #17, #20, #26-27, and #44.


  • Beast Boy
    • Dog's Best Friend
    • Shadows of Love
    • beast Boy of Steel
    • Zoology 101
    • Help Beast Boy Find His Puppy Friend!
    • Beast boy at the Dentist
    • Book Smarts
    • Awww
    • Hello, My Dolly
    • Tiny Titans Puzzler!
    • The Crosswalk of Doom!
  • Raven
    • At Home with the Trigons
    • Morning with the Trigons
    • Tough Cookie
    • A Hot Spot
    • Mixin' It Up
    • Sittin' This Weekend
    • Food Baby, Baby Food
    • Bite
    • Share It!
    • Bucycles!
    • Cooking in Time
    • Takin' It Home!
    • Word Unscramble Challenge!
    • Home with the Trigons
    • Colorin'
    • Let's Rock!

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