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    My First Issue Of This... Series? Franchise?


    Seriously? This is about the seventy-fifth time Killer Croc has been portrayed as, well, dumb! He's eating comic books! Way to tell all kids who are new to this character that he's a moron. I would give a good example: a picture of Croc eating some people with some text-thingy saying "Dont Mess With Killer Croc". But when are they ever gonna do that?


    Despite how much the cover annoyed, irritrated, or just bugged me, I still got the issue. Being new to the series I didn't understand the "format" of the series. There's tons of stuff all going on simultaneously. And some corny jokes. Plus an idiotic Kroc. Well, I enjoyed parts of it. The most annoying thing is all the "Awww, yeah [insert word here]" crap, so I'd rather read The Adventures Of Stupid Kroc then a book with nothing but "Awww, yeah Titans!" in it.


    I sort of enjoyed it... a little. I would recommend this to certain people I know, but not people who are new with Killer Croc. So, I'm giving it a 2.5 out of 5.

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