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    Tinker Belle is an outcast of the fairies of Neverland. She became Pan's slave and guide, until she broke free from his influence.

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    The Grimm Fairy Tales version of the Tinkerbell character from Peter Pan. Her origin is similar in some regards, but she acts as spiritual guide for many characters and not simply as a fairy. In the past she was in love with Pan, but after discovering that he did not truly love her back, she rebelled against him and realized she had been on the wrong side or good and evil.


    Her first appearance was in Grimm Fairy Tales #37. She is based on the character Tinkerbell that first appeared in the novel Peter Pan in 1902.

    Character Evolution

    Belle is portrayed as a conflicted and confused character, one that learns from her actions, albeit relatively slowly. She was blinded by her love love for Pan. She later appears in Grimm Fairy Tales as a mostly background character.

    Major Story Arcs

    Nathan Cross suffer from nightmares of what he thought happened to his younger brother as a child. His psychiatrist Dr. Harlow tells him that these nightmares are in place of him being able to rationalize what truly happened to him. However, it is revealed that the nightmares were indeed true and that they are a memory of his own experiences in Neverland. In Neverland the evil Pan kidnaps children from Earth and then drains them of their life essence. He can only do so with the help of Belle as she is the only one able to create portals between Earth and Neverland. she knows what she does is wrong, but she does so out of the love that the two seemingly share. However, Pan starts to suspect that she is in fact not in love with him and he starts to search for other pathways to Earth. An additional factor here is the attraction of Pan to Wendy Darling, to which Belle realizes that she might be replaced and that she has been used.

    After talking with Princess Tiger Lily, Pan decides that he may in fact not need Belle, and with the invasion of Neverland by Cross and a band of pirates, Belle takes advantage of the situation to free Wendy, but only to lead her to a supposedly certain death at the hands of the monster that lives below the castle. Wendy is led here, but she manages to escape. Wendy returns later with Cross, Doctor Harlow, the band of Indians and the pirates and attacks the castle. In the mean time Belle has informed Pan that Wendy is dead, but Pan is immediately suspicious as she is the only that knows, and that she must therefore be the one that freed her. She is imprisoned by Pan, and only then she realizes the error of her ways. After Pan decides to kill Wendy's adopted children, Belle fights back after she sees the true love they share for each other, and she recognizes this as the love she desired. She manages to hold off Pan long enough until the others arrive. With the heroes outmatched Belle sets the balance back in their favor by teleporting the Earth based heroes back to New York City where now Cross has the upper hand over Pan.

    After some time, Nathan starts to have dreams again that his brother is alive. Meanwhile a series of horrific murders spread their way around the city. Belle shows up unexpectedly as Nathan is fighting an unknown threat. She is knocked unconscious and left in the care of Wendy. He finds a way back to Neverland and finds it in ruins. It turns out that Barr, who had helped him previously, had simply helped him so that he could regain control of the realms and impose his own form of tyranny on it. Nathan is once again trapped, as are Tiger Lily's tribe and their sacred child. Barr intends to use the child to draw New York City into Neverland thus feeding his power and he needs Nathan to unlock the power of the child. Barr has also left word that Tiger Lily's people are to be killed. This nearly happens before the timely intervention of Belle, Wendy and the rest of the heroes. Belle is surprised to see Nyx, another fairy, as she thought she was the last one. They fight off this attack and then come to Nathan's aid as he fights off Barr.

    Belle's presence in the Neverland series is aside from her role in the remainder of the Grimm Fairy Tales stories. She first appears as a spirit guide for Sela and companion to Shang as he described the universal order to Sela. it is also revealed that at some point in her past that she disagreed with the Fairy Queen, for which she was permanently exiled from the Fairies.

    Powers and Abilities

    As a fairy she controls some powers of magic. In the Grimm Fairy Tales multiverse, fairies are one of the creatures that can innately create portals between realms. She can fly due to her wings. She is also immortal, though still can be harmed or killed physically.


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