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Tink is the daughter of the fairy king Oberon.  She was cast out of her home of Avalon to live amongst humans.  In Earth realm, she joined Pete Wisdom's superhuman team MI:13, as one of the original members of the team.  During her time on the team, she helped to save England from a group of other-dimensional Martian invaders.  Before this, she had been forced to marry Pete Wisdom as a part of a treaty between England and Avalon.  Tink fell for Pete and, although she knew their marriage was only for the sake of the treaty, she was deeply hurt and angry at him when she found that he was sleeping with another woman on the team, Maureen Raven.  She understood that Pete didn't have strong feelings for her but was greatly hurt that he didn't trust her to keep the treaty if he told her about Maureen.  Although she fought by Pete's side during the Other-dimensional Martian invasion she left immediatly after, returning to Avalon with her father feeling hurt and angry at Pete's betrayal. 

She next appeared during the "Secret Invation" event when the Skrulls invaded England and Avalon in order to take control of Magic.  Still harbouring anger against Pete, Tink was reluctant to help or work with him and his new MI:13 teammates.  On hearing that Captain Britain (A member of the team) had died trying to protect the gateway to her world, though, she allowed them passage to Avalon to make a last stand against the Skrull forces.  Tink lead the fairy army alongside her father but was captured by the Skrull forces near the end of the battle.  She was hung up with other leading forces fighting against the Skrulls, namely Pete, John and Spitfire to face interrogation and an offering of redemption but Pete had set events in motion that led to the resurection of Captain Britain and the reclaiming of magic.  Due to his actions, Avalon was saved from the Skrulls and Tink began to forgive Pete for his betrayal, even asking him out to lunch after it was all over.

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