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    Timon is a Meerkat and best friend to Pumbaa. He loves to eat bugs and live a life of no worries. He considers himself the brains of the operation and is quite a schemer.

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    Living on the African Savanah with his mother and Uncle Max, Timon always longed for a life of carefree life of leisure. One of thousands in a large colony of meerkats, poor Timon was taught that a meerkat's life consisted only of digging and hiding. One day while working as a sentry, Timon goofs off and allows three hyenas to get the drop on him and attack the colony. Timon is summarily banished and wanders in state of depression before meeting a wise (but slightly eccentric) baboon known as Rafiki who teaches him the phrase Hakkuna Matata (witch means no worries) and advises him to "look beyond what he sees". Timon eventually heads to Pride Rock and along the way meets a sweet and naive warthog named Pumbaa who has also been cast out. The unlikely duo make it to Pride Rock during the presentation of the newborn lion cub Prince Simba. Pumba suddenly farts witch causes several animals to pass out, the other animals (who belive that thier comatose bretheren are bowing) emulate this. 
    Eventually the two find a watering hole visually reminiscent of Pride Rock and contentedly settle down, but are once agin left homelesss after Timon has an altercation with several singing animals. Pumbaa mentions that he once ran across a " Dream Home" somewhere in the jungle but Timon dismisses this and the two begin the search anew. After a dangerous misadventure involving the exact same hyenas who attacked Timon earlier, the two end up in a beatiful oasis the "Dream Home" Pumbaa had mentioned earlier. Weeks later , whil "Bowling for Buzzards" the Two find young Simba half dead . though initially apprehensive of the young cub, the two become Simba's friends and caregivers.  
    Sometime later, Pumbaa is attacked by a Lioness reavealed to be Simba's childhood friend Nala. Timon sees the signs of a romance brewing between the Nala and the now adult Simba fears that  Simba might leave them, so he and Pumbaa attempt the Lion pairs romantic evening. 
    The next morning the two wake up to discover that Simba has returned home to Pride Rock to challenge his villainous uncle Scar who has led the pride into a dark age of famine. Pumbaa wants to return to Pride Rock to stand by Simba while Timon wishes to remain home. The two eventually reconcile their differences and head to Pride Rock and fight alonside Simba in the battle for Pride Rock.  
    Timon has appeared in all three Lion King movies and  was voiced by Nathan Lane. 
     Timon co-starred with Pumbaa appeared in their own animated series wich ran for seven seasons on CBS. 
    The series showcased some of the duo's misadventures and had many appearances of other characters such as Rafiki, Zazu, the Hyenas, and Simba. Timon was portrayed by 3 different actors throughout the series: Nathan Lane, Quinton Flynn, and Kevin Schon. 


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