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Timestorm 2009 / 2099

Starring: Peter Parker as Spider-Man and Miguel O'hara as Spider-Man 2099

This series opens with the Punisher on a rooftop in Manhattan saying a prayer to Thor as he prepares his weapons. His prayer is heard but not by Thor but by someone who is communicating with him. This person calls him by name revealing that this is Jake Gallows, Punisher 2099. As Gallows is suiting up, Spider-man, Peter Parker, is swinging through the city. Gallows takes a shot at Peter and misses. Peter wonders why his spider-sense didn't go off while he attacks Gallows in return. Peter manages to knock one of the guns out of his hands but Gallows shoots him with the other. Peter wakes up on a roof in pain. He looks around only to discover he is in the year 2099. In this future, America belongs to Alchemax Industries and its CEO Tyler Stone is the one who sent Gallows back to 2009. Not soon afterward Peter is captured and imprisoned by the Synthia Corporation. Here he meets Shakti Hadad. Meanwhile Wolverine also winds up in the future and finds himself not only in the ruins of Washington D.C. but also under attack by raging Hulks. Next Peter runs into Miguel O'hara and is reluctant to train him how to use his new spider-like abilities. This reluctance is not shared by the Human Torch 2099. Wolverine manages to make it through the battle with an army of Hulks thanks to some help from Ghost Rider 2099. After that Wolverine runs into a future version of himself. Wolverine learns that time is literally running out for both timelines due to erupting timestorms caused by Stone's devices. Wolverine seeks out a dying Doctor Doom who tells him that only Shakti can end what Tyler Stone has started and the series starts to build up to a climatic battle for the finale.

This series is also collected in trade paperbacks:

1. Timestorm 2009/2099 (1-4, Spider-Man One-Shot, X-Men One-Shot)

NOTE: Indicia titled as "Timestorm 2009/2099".

Translated into Spanish.


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