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    Timeslip can send her mind along any point of her personal timeline, and manipulate time to simulate super-speed.

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    "Times not an issue."

    Rina Patel is a young woman from India and also a mutant. When Rina was a college student she first manifested her powers to swap her consciousness with an older self or younger self. She swapped with her four year old self and her four year old was swapped with her college self. This swap however created problems when her four year old self started crying. Rina then switched on accident to a future time, she saw herself in what seemed to her a superhero outfit and a member of the New Warriors.


    Timeslip (Rina Patel) is a fictional mutant character, a Marvel Comics superhero and the last addition to the New Warriors before the cancellation of their original series. She first appeared in New Warriors #59 (May, 1995) and was created by Evan Skolnick and Patrick Zircher.

    The last New Warrior. Seemingly lost her powers fighting the Dire Wraiths, she has now joined the Fifty States Initiative.

    Major Story Arcs

    Later Rina found herself holding a dying Speedball in her hands and concerned for his life she started trying to contact and warn Speedball of the upcoming danger. Speedball however didn't take her warnings seriously and ignored her warnings. She then went and contacted Hindsight Lad another member of the New Warriors and used her time altering powers by pushing him out of a trucks way. She found herself in it's way and she slowed down time and moved out of the truck's way. At the time she didn't know she could do this. Hindsight Lad got her a costume and took her to the New Warriors to show them her powers. Over time that she was with the New Warriors it was shown that her visions always did come true.

    Out of time...
    Out of time...

    An impostor from a future timeline named Darrion Grobe took over the life of the current timelines of Speedball. Speedball's impending death was already foreseen by Rina's time-manipulating powers. As Rina was able to visit various timeline's in her past she saw a news report about her fellow Warriors. She than accidentally threw herself into the future and where she found her future self a member of the Warriors. Rina had already discovered that she could "visit" various times in her past, but one day, upon seeing a news report about the Warriors, since she had accidentally thrown herself into the future. Realizing that this was the very reason she had searched them out and had already joined them she tied in the strings of the future timelines and sought to stop the death of the Speedball. Rina's powers enabled her to see the truth of the matter, and somehow the Warriors were transported to the future, where a holographic version of Darrion aided them in defeating Advent. In defeating him, Darrion's universe was "made whole" again.

    When the entity called the Sphinx came to the New Warriors, he than killed Speedball. But it was shown that who got killed was an exact duplicate that was from the year 2092 which was Darrion Grobe. This thing was sent back to stop a time traveling being from rewriting history. Timeslip stayed with the team. She helped them stop the Dire Wraiths and thier queen Volk from detonating a bomb that would take away the special powers of thousands of people. But also lost her own power's in the process.

    Civil War and M-Day

    After the Civil War all the unpowered beings names were on a government website due to Iron Man's helping in the established Super Hero Registration Act which named the many once costumed adventures, Timeslip's name was on the website. Rina was seen by some of her former fellow Warrior's wearing her Timeslip uniform underneath a trenchcoat on TV being chased by a mob as she attempted to elude the mob. She has since become one of the 142 registered superheroes.

    Rina was recently seen wearing her Timeslip uniform with the X-Men in San Francisco celebrating the Holiday's with other mutants who were still remaining after M-Day.

    Powers and Abilities

    Timeslip has the ability to manipulate her personal timestream, allowing her to exchange her present consciousness with her past self or future self. She could also slow time around herself, allowing her to move in a fashion that resembles superhuman speed.


    • Height--5' 7"
    • Weight--118 lbs.
    • Eyes--Brown
    • Hair--Black


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