Team » Time-Twisters appears in 13 issues.

    The Time-Twisters were the surviving beings of the last universe who were to inspire future beings on how to avoid the mistakes of the universe. They were flawed and supposedly wiped from existence by He Who Remains and replaced by the Time-Keepers.

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    The Time-Twisters destroyed every era in time that they visited. Zarrko the Tommorow Man witnessed their destruction of the 80th Century and deduced that the 50th Century would be next. Not wanting his Earth to fall Zarrko sent Servitor, his agent, to Thor for help.

    Thor, The Warriors Three and Jane Foster went with Zarrko to the 50th Century Earth and tried to halt the Time-Twisters but they failed and Earth was destroyed. They all decided to travel back in time to when the Time-Twisters were "born" and tried to destroy them but were stopped by He Who Remains.

    Convinced by Jane that the Time-Twisters were amoral and dangerous He Who Remains erased them from existence. They were replaced with the Time-Keepers.

    The Time-Twisters later returned and went to war with Immortus and the Time-Keepers.


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