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Some time in the Mayan period, the Eternals would come upon the ancient peoples sharing vast knowledge with the natives. Uplifting their humble society into the vast spanning empire it would come to be. At an undisclosed time these mortal born gods would fabricate a weapon of unfathomable power that could peel back and remake the very fabric of history to the users wishes, the Time Sword. Fearing such a power falling into the wrong hands, the primordial Inhumans of ancient times confronted the blades makers sparking the Eterninhuma War. During the conflict said cosmic blade was left broken and scattered throughout eternity at different points along the web of fate and destiny.


The sword of time was created by Writer James Robinson, Penciler Carlos Pacheco, Inker Rafael Fonteriz and Colorist Jesus Aburtov. First appearing in Cable #3 - Conquest Chapter Three.


Who soever wields this great sword not only had the power to travel across the era's and realities adjacent to those set events in reality, but outright manipulate it's flow to enable the editing of continua itself through it's edge.


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